Grow Your Business in 2023 with Two Simple MYUHIN Tools: Templates and Drafts

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Are you really, truly ready to grow in 2023? Using MYUHIN Templates and Drafts could help your clinic or private practice save time, ease administrative burden, improve cash flow and grow now.

Templates Put You Closer to the Finish Line

Providers spend as much as 10 minutes submitting one electronic claim – and 22 minutes for paper! (2022 CAQH Index) Seemingly small, ongoing hurdles, like repetitive data entry, can impede your growth. Save time in 2023 by creating claim Templates that you know will work! Create one claim, one time, then use it over and over again. Why start from scratch when you can start only a few clicks away from the submission finish line?

Submit your claims even faster and stay on top of your practice’s billing by leveraging our lightning-fast submission process. If you’re working long hours to get your work done in a timely manner, you can reclaim your time, finish work faster and decrease stress. We’ll keep you informed as your claim makes its way from submission to payment.

You can set up your template for your unique circumstances. Everything in the claim form can be configured, except for:

  • Patient Name
  • Date of Service

Take Control with Drafts

Ever been distracted and have to get up from your claim mid-submittal? How many times have you been close to completing a claim only to find that you still need key information to complete it? MYUHIN’s Drafts tool to the rescue!

Using our Drafts tool, you can start your claim, save your progress (Drafts), step away, then come right back to where you were in your workflow. It’s easy to save your progress with the Drafts tool: Just click save as Draft, then pick up where you left off without losing any of your existing work. No more sticky notes or notepad scribbles! 

Clinics, private practices, and billers use MYUHIN everyday to check eligibility and submit claims to our national network of payers. You can access MYUHIN from any PC or Mac connected to the internet (no software installation necessary). MYUHIN is an intuitive tool that enables anyone, so you won’t need hours and hours of training to get the job done. Everything just falls into place for you.

We hope you’re ready, because everyone is counting on YOU!

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By Greg Lobato, Group Product Manager, UHIN