Billing and Claims Management

Freedom to bill from anywhere

Access all MYUHIN tools from any PC or Mac connected to the internet. No software installation necessary.

Complete your billing tasks in a clean, simple interface

Claim Submission

Create and send professional and institutional claims from any computer.


Submit requests to enroll for electronic transactions with any UHIN payer.

Remittance Viewer

Search, view, and download payment information.


Check coverage and benefits for patients in real time.

User Management

Account Admins can create users and assign customized permissions.


Same care, different day or patient? Leverage our Templates feature to save time from hand entering claims you expect to bill multiple times.

Claim List

Check on the progress of your claims and troubleshoot rejections.


Reach out for support when you need it.

Now Available!

Secondary Claims / Crossover Claim Support

Institutional Claim Submission