Use Cases for Our Clearinghouse Solutions

UHIN (Pronounced YOU-hin) Partners With You to Solve Your Most Important Business Challenges.

Solutions for Providers and Hospitals

Use Cases


Exchange claim and payment information quickly, securely, and with a best in class support team.

Provider Portal

Enter or upload claims, check eligibility, and view payments with MYUHIN, a single portal designed with you in mind.

Utah Medicaid Submissions

Gain clarity and confidence in your Utah Medicaid submissions by leaning on our 20+ years of experience.

Submit Encounter Data

Save time by submitting claim encounter data electronically, which keeps your payments and programs in alignment with your services.

Connectivity Nationwide

Streamline your billing with one clearinghouse to reach all of the payers you need.

Enrollment for Electronic Exchange

Reduce waiting time with electronic enrollment to submit claims and receive reports from the payers you need

Solutions for Payers

EDI Clearinghouse & Gateway

Exchange claim and payment information accurately and securely.

Business Intelligence

Gain insight into your EDI workflow and traffic, then optimize.


Rest assured that your transactions are handled securely and in compliance with HIPAA.

Provider Portal

Receive claims from providers through our MYUHIN solution for claims, eligibility, EDI enrollment, and more.

EDI Enrollment

Enhance your EDI enrollment with our dedicated team to field provider requests.

Normalized Real Time Eligibility

Remove processing snags by receiving data in a format that is optimal for your system.

Payment and Remittance

Simplify your remittances; send a single file and we’ll split each remittance out to the correct destination. 


Reduce the burden on your system and decrease turnaround time for rejections with SNIP validation.

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