Building a more connected healthcare community.

UHIN is leading healthcare technology towards interoperability.

About Us


UHIN’s vision is to create a more connected healthcare system that drives innovation, collaboration, and inclusiveness.


Our mission is to increase adoption, leverage technology, and provide services that help healthcare organizations to collaborate, care for patients, and share information.

Our Story

For nearly 30 years, UHIN has been a fixture of the Utah healthcare community. We were created by the community because they saw the need for a central, neutral organization that could bring people together around electronic data exchange. Since then, we have grown into much more… but we’ve never forgotten our roots. We will always be an advocate for our community.

UHIN’s HIE covers 95% of the hospitals and 90% of the large clinics in Utah.

Who we work with

We serve healthcare providers, payers, ACOs, government entities, billing services, and other healthcare partners who need data, tools and expertise, and reduced data costs. 

Additionally, we work with practice management systems, clearinghouses, and HIEs to support the healthcare community.


The healthcare space has an urgent need for data and integrations between health systems. UHIN is working towards a healthcare community that can share and access health data when they need it, where they need it. 

UHIN at the Forefront

UHIN aims to be a leading force in the push for interoperability. We must enable easy and secure interaction between EHRs, PMs, and other IT systems. By connecting to UHIN once, existing healthcare infrastructure can integrate with numerous health systems to augment the quality and scope of data exchange.

Utah’s HIE

For more than 10 years UHIN has successfully operated the state-designated Health Information Exchange for Utah and surrounding regions.

How we do it

We know data. We are experts in both clinical and claims data.

We offer a full-service clearinghouse.

We operate the CHIE.

We provide analytics and business intelligence solutions.

We actively participate in standards development.

We share our knowledge with the healthcare community.

We bring healthcare education events directly to the community.

We operate as a non-profit.