Clinical Health Information Exchange for Health Plans

Improve administrative efficiency and patient outcomes.

As the only HIE in Utah, the Clinical Health Information Exchange (CHIE) allows you to exchange patient data within the state and surrounding areas.

As a result, your teams can quickly identify and work with high utilizers, significantly reducing hospital readmissions, improving post-discharge transitions, and reducing complications down the line for your patients.

UHIN’s HIE covers 95% of hospitals in Utah

Use Cases for

Health Plans


Improve efficiency and care outcomes by identifying and following up with high-utilizers to ensure members are seeking care in the right setting.

Reduce Hospital Readmissions

Use data to work with providers and members on strategies in order to reduce preventable hospital readmissions.

Date of Death Notifications

Use date of death notifications to ensure timely and appropriate communications to members’ families and providers, and to prevent fraud.

Quality Reports

Harness a HIE’s powerful connection to ensure you have easy access to the clinical data you need for quality reviews.

Transient Patient Data

Patient populations that move frequently present a unique challenge. We combine clinical data from across Utah so you know a patient’s past and ongoing treatments.

Gaps in Care

Discover the gaps in your members’ care for complete quality reports and optimal STAR ratings.


Streamline your processes by gathering data from a portal instead of individual requests.



When your patients have been hospitalized, they need timely follow-up care to lessen their risk of readmission or complications.

Multiple types of Alerts are available through the CHIE: ADT Alerts, COVID-19 Lab Result Alerts and Lab Result Delivery Alerts

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ADT Alerts

Receive secure notifications when your patients are admitted, discharged, or transferred to/from a hospital or emergency department

COVID-19 Lab Alerts

Receive real-time alerts on your patients’ COVID-19 lab results as soon as tests are finalized to keep your patients and your staff safe and informed

Lab Result Alerts

Get alerted when your patients get lab/radiology results ordered outside of your organization to stay updated on your patients’ episodes of care


ADT Alerts on your members result in better care coordination.

The CHIE Alerts system sends your team secure notifications when your members are admitted to, or discharged from, a hospital or emergency department, which makes coordinating care that much easier.

Real Time

Alerts subscribers are notified of important member events for real-time care coordination.


The CHIE Alerts system sends you secure notifications based on admits, discharges and transfers from a hospital or emergency department.


You can also receive CHIE Alerts on a custom delivery schedule more suited to your team’s workflow.


Alerts are delivered via CHIE Direct secure email, SFTP, or through HL7 messages pulled into your EHR.

Stats from Jan. 2023 – Jan. 2024

Data Normalization

Don’t waste your Analysts’ time cleaning and preparing data! By using the CHIE your team can normalize, transform and de-dupe your clinical data sets so that your Analysts are freed up.

Data Sources

The CHIE includes records from more than 7 million patients from 1,300+ providers and 50+ hospitals in and around Utah.

Clinical Records Exchange

Patient data should (electronically) follow your members anywhere they go. Right now Clinical Records Exchange is done using slow, out-of-date methods like Fax or CDs, for instance.

Similarly frustrating, records are often stored at different healthcare organizations and frequently are not shared.

We’re modernizing and streamlining that exchange with our Clinical Records Exchange in order to give you access to these records by either connecting directly from your EMR or through UHIN’s Provider Portal.

HEDIS Reporting

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