Clinical Health Information Exchange for Providers

Meaningful patient data at your fingertips.

The Clinical Health Information Exchange (CHIE) is the only HIE in Utah. We also exchange data with surrounding areas and on a national scale.

With a suite of products and services to improve the management of your own patient data, as well as access to data collected from outside of your system, the CHIE is making interoperability possible.

UHIN’s HIE covers 95% of the hospitals in Utah

Case Study

Granger Medical Clinic

Granger’s Transitional Care Management (TCM) team has used the CHIE and Alerts to reduce readmission rates by more than half. The team has taken readmissions down from 23% to 9%.

Additionally, Granger increased the number of patients they identified from about one per week to an estimated 750 per month.

Use Cases for

Providers and Hospitals

Clinical Results and Notes Delivery

Avoid the burden of multiple connections and get your patients’ labs, test results, radiology reports, and clinical notes delivered directly to your EMR.

Transitional Care Management

Real-time or daily batched ADT Alerts allow TCM teams to improve timely post-discharge follow-up care for important financial incentives.

Reduce Hospital Readmissions

Stay informed of your patients’ hospital encounters so you can help them avoid preventable  hospital readmissions.

Clinical Summaries for Hospital Teams

The CHIE Alerts system automatically compiles a CCD when a patient is admitted so the care team has the patient’s history as they are being treated.

Hospital ADT Alerts

Know when your patients have been hospitalized or visited an emergency department so you can schedule timely follow-ups, avoid gaps in care, and prevent readmissions.

COVID-19 Lab Result Alerts

Safely and effectively coordinate interventions for patients diagnosed with COVID-19, especially those in greater need of physician oversight.

Improve ACO Profitability Using CHIE Alerts

Quality Teams can enhance discharge planning with notifications when patients are members of an Accountable Care Organization (ACO).

Date of Death Notifications

UHIN receives notices from the Utah DHHS and shares with entities subscribed for notifications.

Discharge Summaries

Help your care teams understand the full story of the patient’s ER or inpatient visit with discharge summaries from the ER or hospital.

A More Complete Patient Story

Reduce gaps in care with data from more than 1,300 providers and hundreds of systems to fill in your patients’ stories. 

Value-Based Care Data

More data on your patient to accurately analyze outcomes and quality of care in value-based alternative payment models.

Transient Patient Data

CHIE data can follow patients who move frequently so you know a patient’s past and ongoing treatments.

PCDH Multi-State Exchange

Stay informed, even when your patients travel and receive treatment out-of-state.

Identity Management

Master Patient Index services consolidate duplicate patients and add data to records in your EMR.  

Public Health Reporting

Use a single data connection to complete public health reporting for Syndromic Surveillance, Electronic Labs, and Immunizations.



When your patients have been hospitalized, they need timely follow-up care to lessen their risk of readmission or complications.

Multiple types of Alerts are available through the CHIE: ADT Alerts, COVID-19 Lab Result Alerts and Lab Result Delivery Alerts

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ADT Alerts

Receive secure notifications when your patients are admitted, discharged, or transferred to/from a hospital or emergency department

COVID-19 Lab Alerts

Receive real-time alerts on your patients’ COVID-19 lab results as soon as tests are finalized to keep your patients and your staff safe and informed

Lab Result Alerts

Get alerted when your patients get lab/radiology results ordered outside of your organization to stay updated on your patients’ episodes of care

Stats from Jan. 2023 – Jan. 2024


ADT Alerts on your patients for better care coordination.

The CHIE Alerts system sends your team secure notifications when your patients are admitted to, or discharged from, a hospital or emergency department, so you can coordinate care more effectively.

Real Time

Subscribers to Alerts are notified of important patient events for real-time care coordination.


You can subscribe for secure notifications when your patients are admitted to, or discharged from a hospital or emergency department.


You can receive CHIE Alerts in real time or choose custom delivery times.


Alerts are delivered via CHIE Direct secure email, SFTP, or through HL7 messages pulled into your EHR.

Data Sources

The CHIE includes records from more than 8 million patients from 1,300+ providers and 50+ hospitals in and around Utah.

Data Normalization

Don’t waste your Analysts’ time cleaning and preparing data! The CHIE can normalize, transform and de-dupe your clinical data sets so that your Analysts are freed up.

Clinical Records Exchange

Even today, Clinical Records Exchange is done using slow, out-of-date methods like Fax or CDs! A patient’s data should electronically follow them anywhere they go.

Another challenge: Records are often stored at different healthcare organizations and frequently are not shared. UHIN’s solution allows you to connect directly from you EMR or through our Provider Portal to access these records.

We’re modernizing and streamlining the secure sharing of data with our Clinical Records Exchange.

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