Digital Marketing & Patient Payments

Marketing is all about establishing visibility, interest, preference and trust. The Digital Marketing landscape is changing in ways that can influence the relationship you have with your patients, and their care givers. There are a few tools that you can use to increase transparency and trust in order to reduce confusion, increase trust and ultimately improve collections from patients.

The Presenter

Brenner Adams has been involved in Fin Tech and Med Tech with roles in Marketing, Sales & Product Development for over 10 years. As an adjunct professor in the Strategy and Entrepreneurship Department at the University of Utah he has access to new solutions including some developed and launched right here in Utah with specific medical application.

Advances in Billing Practices for Applied Behavior Analysis/ABA Services

The Presentation

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the design, implementation, and evaluation of environmental modifications, using behavioral stimuli and consequences, to produce socially significant improvement in human behavior, including the use of direct observation, measurement, and functional analysis of the relationship between environment and behavior. Billing procedures prior to January 1, 2019 were done according to temporary CPT III Codes. The AMA adopted permanent CPT I codes effective January 1, 2019. Several significant changes occurred within the new code set. UHIN convened an ABA Billing Subcommittee to review the new codes and update the ABA Billing Standard under Utah State Rule R590-164. Payors and providers are encouraged to review the updated standard and understand the requirements pertaining to the new codes.

The Presenter

Dr. Mirella Petersen owns and operates a consulting practice devoted to assisting therapeutic providers with insurance contracting, software development, billing and revenue cycle management activities. She holds a Doctorate degree in Health Administration from Central Michigan University, a Master’s degree in Information Systems Management from Brigham Young University and a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems & Technologies from Weber State University. Additionally, she holds professional certifications in International Health and Health Information Exchange.