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  • A “Thank You” Meal for our community COVID-19 testing site teams
    This holiday weekend we at UHIN would like to express our gratitude to all of you who are battling this pandemic. As a small token of appreciation, we are sending […]
  • HHS Extends Compliance Dates for Information Blocking Requirements
    HHS Extends Compliance Dates for Information Blocking Requirements 21st Century Cures Act Final Rule deadlines delayed due to pandemic HHS’ Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology announced […]
  • 2020 HIT Conference
    November 10-11 | Virtual 2-Day Event CONNECTING DATA, UNITING HEALTHCARE This year, HIT will focus on tech and data solutions that connect the healthcare community when they need it most.
  • The CHIE Adds New Data Sources
    The CHIE continues to add important data sources, providing healthcare professionals with vital medical information when it is needed most. Recently, several clinics and post-acute care facilities began contributing data […]
  • UHIN Annual Forum 2020
    The UHIN Annual Forum is a virtual, half-day event to discuss pressing issues regarding patient data access, interoperability, and the future of healthcare in Utah.
  • RNs in Primary Care
    This session is focused on encounters within primary care that may be led by an RN, including: the Annual Wellness Visit, Transitional Care Management, Chronic Care Management, End of Life and SBIRT. Additionally, we will explore other encounter types that may be led by a team of RNs in primary care.
  • COVID-19 Lab Result Alerts – FAQ
    UHIN is sending COVID-19 lab result alerts directly from hospitals to healthcare providers, ACOs and care managers in and around the state of Utah.
  • Soft Skills are the new Hard Skills, and Here’s Why
    We’ve minimized soft skills for decades. Compelling research shows we’ve been wrong all along. Yes, skills and experience remain important. However, the lack of characteristics of trust, mutual respect, and integrity can quite literally destroy an otherwise skilled and experienced team. The data prove out. Come learn why and what you can do about it.
  • The Weakest Link: Identifying and Vanquishing Compliance Risks
    The precipitous rise of cyber attacks, new privacy regulations, stricter enforcement, and private litigation are changing the compliance landscape right beneath our feet. At the same time, some of the best ways to keep your practice compliant are simple, inexpensive and straightforward. Together we will explore today’s threats to your practice and the uncomplicated, totally reasonable steps you can take to address them.
  • Executive Director of UDOH Issues Memorandum for All COVID-19 Lab Results
    Dr. Joseph K. Miner, Executive Director at the Utah Department of Health (UDOH), asked all healthcare organizations to report all of their COVID-19 lab test results through UHIN.
  • Medicaid Expansion in Utah
    This presentation by RyLee Curtis and Michael Hales walks attendees through the recent implementation of Medicaid expansion in Utah. They will cover eligibility, approved waivers, and pending waivers that will shape the future of Medicaid in Utah.
  • PES Virtual Payer Panel 2020
    The payer panel is always a highlight of the PES events and features experts from more than a dozen payers. In 2020, we hosted the panel as an interactive live webinar with a Q&A format.
    UHIN is sending COVID-19 lab result alerts directly from hospitals to healthcare providers, ACOs and care managers in and around the state of Utah.
    In response to the need for increased sharing of health information during the COVID-19 crisis, UHIN is sending COVID-19 lab result alerts to providers around Utah.
  • Medicare B 2020 Updates
    This Medicare Part B presentation encompasses 2020 updates, other important topics and valuable resources to assist your practice with successful Medicare billing.
  • New CMS Interoperability Rule – What is Hype, What is Real?
    The new interoperability and information blocking rule is here…what should you do now? With the announcement of CMS and ONC’s finalized rules on interoperability and information blocking, it is important to […]
    SALT LAKE CITY, UT, February 13, 2020 — The Utah Health Information Network (UHIN) board of directors has appointed Brian Chin as the company’s new Chief Executive Officer. He will assume the strategic and day-to-day leadership of the company and will also join UHIN’s Board of Directors.
  • What are the annual Provider Education Summits?
    What are the annual Provider Education Summits?  You may have heard about the The Provider Education Summits (PES), but what are they and who are they for? Simply put, the […]
  • Fall 2019 Newsletter
    Fall 2019 UHIN Newsletter It has been a whirlwind year at UHIN and we want to update you on everything happening in our neck of the woods. What you can […]
  • Press Release: Resignation of UHIN CEO and President, Teresa Rivera
    UHIN today announced that Teresa Rivera has stepped down from her role as Chief Executive Officer. The UHIN Board of Directors has appointed Brian Chin, formerly UHIN’s Chief Financial Officer, as Interim CEO.