UHIN and Comagine Health Announce Affiliation

Comagine Health, a national nonprofit health care consulting firm, and the Utah Health Information Network (UHIN), a leading health care information technology organization, recently announced they are affiliating. The two organizations have a long history of working together over the last decade on federal and state initiatives to advance electronic health record (EHR) adoption, cost transparency reporting, capacity and functionality of all-payer claims databases (APCDs) and interoperability and surveillance activities. Through this new affiliation, they will be able to become even more powerful drivers for health care improvement.

An affiliation between the two organizations allows UHIN and Comagine Health to each leverage their deep expertise and success in different areas. The affiliation will help both organizations better meet their missions, respond to a changing economic landscape and create greater value for their respective customers.

Comagine Health is a national leader in health care consulting for federal, state and local government agencies as well as privately funded groups. The company is widely recognized for its expertise in quality improvement, care management, data solutions and research and evaluation. Additionally, Comagine Health has a long-standing history with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) serving as the Quality Innovation Network-Quality Improvement Organization (QIN-QIO) and is preparing to bid as a prime contractor for the 13th statement of work to serve as the QIN-QIO in Region 6, covering 14 states from the Pacific Northwest through the Midwest.

“I’m excited about this affiliation. Our two organizations are well-suited to partner together. We have a shared vision of improving health and health care and each organization brings unique talents to the partnership.”

Marc Bennett, Comagine Health’s president and chief executive officer

As a national leader in interoperability, UHIN provides technological solutions and services that simplify data sharing across health plans, providers and other health care parties. UHIN manages Utah’s only health information exchange (HIE), the CHIE, and shares data nationwide through the Patient Centered Data Home® (PCDH). UHIN’s clearinghouse and claims management solutions ensure seamless, secure claims data management and delivery for a national network of health plans, providers and trading partners.

“Aligning our health care knowledge and expertise through affiliation is a profound opportunity to advance our parallel missions, while delivering greater success to our customers and partners. We have collaborated successfully for more than a decade. As affiliates, UHIN and Comagine Health can serve as a unified force for change in health care for the foreseeable future.”

Brian Chin, UHIN’s chief executive officer

The combined strengths of each organization will create opportunities to improve services for current customers and provides a framework for developing new services and products that bring together UHIN’s technology solutions and Comagine Health’s analytic services, enabling more actionable health insights and more sustainable, transformational improvements for communities.

About UHIN

UHIN is dedicated to healthcare interoperability for all. When UHIN sees the barriers and complexities in healthcare, we know we need to act and be a force for change. Our healthcare technology solutions and services empower payers, providers, ACOs, government entities, billing services, and other healthcare partners to collaborate, share information and data, and provide better affordable care for patients. To learn more about UHIN, visit www.uhin.org.

About Comagine Health

Comagine Health works collaboratively with patients, providers, payers and other stakeholders to reimagine, redesign and implement sustainable improvements in the health care system. As a trusted, neutral party, we work in our communities to address key, complex health and health care delivery problems. In all our engagements and initiatives, we draw upon our expertise in quality improvement, care management, health information technology, analytics and research. We invite our partners and communities to work with us to improve health and redesign the health care delivery system. For more information, please visit comagine.org.