Important Updates to the UHIN Requirements

This notice is to inform you of important updates to the UHIN Requirements. The UHIN Requirements are the standards, specifications, policies, procedures, and guidelines that apply to the UHIN Network. All UHIN members contractually agree to comply with the UHIN Requirements (and changes thereto) as part of their participation in the UHIN Network and their use of UHIN’s clearinghouse, clinical health information exchange (CHIE), and related services. 

The UHIN Board of Directors—which is comprised of community stakeholders from the Utah healthcare community—recently approved the addition of a Member Policies and Procedures Manual (Version 1) (the “Member Manual”) to the UHIN Requirements. The Member Manual supports our community’s compliance with the 21st Century Cures Act interoperability mandates as well as health information privacy, security and breach notification laws. The updated UHIN Requirements may be found at

The Member Manual includes the following policies applicable to all members:

  • Data Submission Policy
  • Security Specifications and Network Maintenance Policy
  • Security Event Reporting Policy
  • Minimum Necessary Procedure
  • Individual Rights Policy

The Member Manual also contain the following CHIE specific policies to support compliance with the federal prohibition on information blocking:

  • The CHIE No Information Blocking Policy
  • The CHIE Notice and Opt Out Policy
  • The CHIE Permitted Purpose Policy, including expanded permitted purposes that fully support HIPAA-permitted treatment, payment and health care operation activities of health care providers and health plans, as well as UHIN’s uses of CHIE data to support limited public health activities, research and data analytic services (collectively, the “Expanded Permitted Purposes”).  

The Member Manual is effective as of January 1, 2024. 

For organizations or agencies that have, may, or are a CHIE data supplier: pursuant to our current contract, CHIE members who make clinical data available through the CHIE must consent to the Expanded Permitted Purposes. Please sign and return the attached form indicating your affirmative consent to the Expanded Permitted Purposes no later than January 1, 2024. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOUR ORGANIZATION’S OR AGENCY’S CONTINUED PARTICIPATION IN THE UHIN NETWORK AFTER JANUARY 1, 2024 CONSTITUTES YOUR ORGANIZATION’S OR AGENCY’S IMPLIED CONSENT TO THE EXPANDED PURPOSES. IF YOUR ORGANIZATION OR AGENCY DOES NOT CONSENT TO THE EXPANDED PERMITTED PURPOSES, YOU MUST SEND UHIN YOUR WRITTEN NOTICE OF INTENT TO TERMINATE PARTICIPATION IN THE UHIN NETWORK NO LATER THAN JANUARY 1, 2024.   

If you have any questions please contact us at