The Weakest Link: Identifying and Vanquishing Compliance Risks

The precipitous rise of cyber attacks, new privacy regulations, stricter enforcement, and private litigation are changing the compliance landscape right beneath our feet. At the same time, some of the best ways to keep your practice compliant are simple, inexpensive and straightforward. Together we will explore today’s threats to your practice and the uncomplicated, totally reasonable steps you can take to address them.

Robyn Johns is the Compliance Officer at Med USA, a medical billing and practice management provider. Robyn discovered the healthcare business as a college student with her first “real” job at the front desk. After graduating, she pursued her career in practice management. Robyn has worked with a variety of specialties and practice sizes in billing, denial management, payer audits, payer enrollment, and operations management. She has also focused on the area of ethics and compliance for over 20 years. Robyn is a relentless learner, and with new treatments, payment models, and regulations every day, she is never bored!