Uintah Basin Medical Center Joins the CHIE

UHIN is pleased to welcome Uintah Basin Medical Center to the CHIE! As the CHIE’s newest data source, the 49-bed hospital in Roosevelt, Utah is utilizing CHIE Alerts, to notify providers when their patients have encounters at Uintah Basin’s inpatient facility or emergency department. Additionally, as of August 29, 2016, Uintah Basin contributes general laboratory information to the Clinical Portal, and is actively working with UHIN to send radiology reports and transcription notes in the near future.

As the only hospital within 25 miles of Roosevelt, Uintah Basin plays a crucial role in coordinating care and enabling seamless hospital-to-home transitions for area residents. CHIE Alerts enable providers to follow up with their patients in a timely manner after discharge, reducing the risk of readmissions and complications. UHIN is working with Uintah Basin Medical Center and area clinics to make transitions of care smoother by connecting more clinics to receive CHIE Alerts and locate patient data in the Clinical Portal.

Current users of CHIE Alerts can receive Uintah Basin’s Alerts without any changes to your existing setup. In addition to Uintah Basin, CHIE Alerts are now available from 18 other hospitals throughout Utah, as well as 27 Colorado hospitals and 14 Arizona hospitals through the Patient Centered Data Home initiative, allowing information to follow the patient no matter where they are in the care continuum.

If you would like to receive CHIE Alerts for your patients, please contact us at chie@uhin.org to get started.