UHIN Now Offers Electronic Eligibility Tool

UHIN Offers New Electronic Eligibility

-First tool in new MYUHIN portal

-Eliminates calls to payers to verify eligibility

-Provides insight into patient coverage before services are provided

-Included in price of existing clearinghouse services

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – March 23, 2017 – UHIN, a not-for-profit positively impacting healthcare through reduced costs, improved quality, and better results by fostering data-driven decisions, is pleased to introduce its electronic eligibility tool. It is the first tool in the new MYUHIN portal. The new MYUHIN portal will house all UHIN’s clearinghouse and HIE tools in one convenient location, allowing users to access all the tools with just one login.

The new electronic eligibility tool is included in the services of existing clearinghouse clients for no additional charge.

Intended to allow smaller medical offices whose practice management systems lack the ability to request their patients’ eligibility and benefits before their appointment, it also ensures claims are submitted with the correct contract number on the first submission, saving time and decreasing the payment cycle time.

“Studies show $3.00 in administrative costs can be saved per office visit simply by requesting eligibility. Yet for many smaller medical offices, verifying patients’ insurance eligibility by calling individual payers and visiting multiple payer websites, is both costly and time consuming,” said Teresa Rivera, President and CEO of UHIN. “Our new electronic eligibility tool is a convenient and cost-effective solution to help these practices save money while improving claim acceptance and eliminating payment delays.”

To access the new electronic eligibility tool, a free account upgrade to MYUHIN is required. The upgrade can be completed by following the easy instructions at https://my.uhin.org.

New members can access the eligibility tool for minimal cost by contacting UHIN at customerservice@uhin.org.