UHIN Connects With Nebraska Health Information Initiative

UHIN is excited to announce that it is now connected with the Nebraska Health Information Initiative (NeHII)! As part of the multi-state Patient Centered Data Home™ (PCDH), Admit / Discharge / Transfer (ADT) notifications will be sent to those participating Utah providers for their patients experiencing a medical encounter in Nebraska. Conversely ADT notifications for Nebraskans receiving medical care in Utah also will be sent to the primary care physician back home.

Additionally, through its connection with UHIN, NeHII will be able to exchange ADTs with the HIEs in Arizona and western Colorado, as part of the PCDH. This expansion of the PCDH helps to ensure that vital health records follow the patient no matter where they receive care throughout the West.

To sign up for out-of-state ADTs, please contact your Member Relations Team Rep.