Tanner Clinic Becomes the CHIE’s Latest Data Source!

The CHIE is now receiving Continuity of Care Documents, CCDs, from Tanner Clinic! Tanner Clinic has locations in Kaysville, Layton, Roy, and Syracuse, and offers care in specialties including family medicine, pediatrics, OB/GYN, podiatry, sports medicine, orthopedics, endocrinology, urgent care and more. Tanner Clinic will automatically send CCDs, also called patient summaries, to the CHIE for all of their patients. Simply search for your patients in the Clinical Portal to find Tanner Clinic data in the Patient Summary view, whenever you need it. Additional details, such as the text of provider notes, may also be available under the “Documents” tab. To view these details, click on the CCD you’d like to view and choose the HTML option.

CCDs are now available in the CHIE from:

-Canyon View Medical Group

-Foothill Family Clinic

-Intermountain Healthcare

-Lone Peak Hospital

-41 clinics that are part of Physician Group of Utah, including Heart and Lung Institute and Rocky Mountain Women’s Health Center facilities

-Planned Parenthood Association of Utah

-St. Mark’s Hospital

-Utah Gastroenterology (formerly called Mountain West Gastroenterology)

-The Veterans’ Affairs Health Care System

-27 hospitals participating with Quality Health Network in western Colorado and 14 hospitals participating with Arizona Health-e Connection, as part of the Patient-Centered Data Home project

You can see the full list of organizations contributing data to the CHIE at www.uhin.org/the-chies-data-sources/.

CCDs are a user-friendly way to get the latest information on your patients’ health, including problems, medications, allergies, lab results, care plans, procedures, and more. The Patient Summary view displays the data in easy-to-read categories so you can quickly find the information you need, when you need it. We are actively working with a diverse range of data sources to close gaps in care coordination by including their CCDs in the CHIE.