COVID-19 Lab Result Alerts – FAQ

Q – What are COVID-19 Lab Alerts?

 – COVID-19 Lab Alerts are real-time notifications from hospitals and labs from in and around the state of Utah that can be sent directly to healthcare providers, ACOs and care managers. These alerts allow care teams to coordinate interventions more effectively for their patients, especially those in greater need of physician oversight. Care teams will also be able to see all observations and lab results that are part of a SARS-CoV-2 test order. Additionally, SARS-CoV-2 IgG/IgM Antibody tests are available in the data feeds and will be sent in the lab reports.

These lab alerts are being made available through UHIN’s Clinical Health Information Exchange (CHIE) and is part of the CHIE Alerts platform.

Q – What are CHIE Alerts?

 – The CHIE Alerts system sends you secure notifications when your patients are admitted to, or discharged from, a hospital or emergency department, helping you to offer prompt post-acute care. When your patients have been hospitalized, they need timely follow-up care to lessen their risk of readmission or complications. CHIE Alerts supports you in offering transitional care management services, which may lead to higher reimbursements from Medicare and some commercial payers.

Q – Is there a difference between CHIE Alerts and Lab Results Alerts?

A – Yes, although they both send you a secure notification on your patients, Lab Results Alerts are specific to COVID-19 testing.  CHIE Alerts are specific to admit, discharge or transfers from a hospital, emergency department, or post-acute care setting.

There are distinct differences in the format of Lab Alerts messages. If your organization is currently processing CHIE Alerts automatically through your own system, contact our team at to ensure that the new format will not disrupt your current processes. 

Q – Who can receive Alerts?

A – Physicians, nurses, case managers, and other associated care team members who have a care relationship with a patient can be notified about changes in that patient’s health status through Alerts. This includes both CHIE Alerts (ADT notifications) and Lab Results Alerts.

Q – Can I have both?

A – Yes.

Are you already receiving CHIE Alerts? 

Yes – Send an email to  requesting to enable Alerts for Lab results.  **Make sure to include your facility name          

No – Send an email to requesting to begin receiving CHIE Alerts and/or Lab Result Alerts.

Q – How are Alerts sent to me?

– CHIE Alerts and Lab Result Alerts can be delivered via HTML, HL7, SFTP, or Direct secure email. These can be delivered real-time or in a scheduled batch. 

Q – How do you know who my patients are?

– If you are currently a data source to the CHIE, you are already telling us who your patients are by sending us an ADT when your patient presents to be seen.  If you are not sending information to the CHIE, you would have to provide us a listing/panel of your patients.

Q – How quickly could I begin receiving Lab Result Alerts?

A – If you are already receiving CHIE Alerts, you could begin receiving the Lab Result Alerts as soon as 24 hours after notifying

If you are signing up for CHIE Alerts for the first time, the process includes contacting UHIN’s Enrollment Team ( Once the appropriate paperwork is completed, you will work with UHIN’s team to provide the list of your patients and determine the delivery route.  Due to the time-sensitive nature of COVID-19 lab results, our teams have made this a high priority and will work with you to accelerate the process as much as possible.

Q – Who is UHIN and what is the CHIE?

A – Uniquely, UHIN is a nonprofit organization founded in 1993.  We work to create a more connected healthcare system that drives innovation, collaboration, and inclusiveness. UHIN is a community convener, bringing together disparate healthcare provider, payers, the state government. We provide clearinghouse services to providers, payers and state government, while also serving as the Utah state-designated health information exchange, known as the CHIE. The CHIE provides a patient-centric longitudinal record amongst disparate providers and healthcare facilities. For more information, please go to our website at

Q – Is there a cost for this?

A –  Free for current CHIE Members: Lab Result Alerts are covered under CHIE membership costs. If your organization is already a CHIE member there will be no additional cost. 

Free for 60 days for new CHIE Members (ending June 30, 2020): CHIE Alerts and Lab Result Alerts will be available at no cost to those physicians and care teams who are not currently CHIE members. 

Why is it free for only 60 days? We are optimistic that the situation will stabilize in the next 60 days, at which time we will re-evaluate to determine the needs of the community based on the severity of the COVID-19 crisis. 

What if I want to continue receiving Alerts after the 60 days? Please contact us at if you would like to continue to receive either the CHIE Alerts (ADT) or Lab Result Alerts.

·       The CHIE Alerts system sends your team secure notifications when your patients are admitted to, or discharged from, a hospital or emergency department, so you can coordinate care more effectively.

·       Alerts subscribers are notified of important patient events for real-time care coordination.

·       When your patients have been hospitalized, they need timely follow-up care to lessen their risk of readmission or complications.

·       You can receive CHIE Alerts in real time or choose custom delivery times.

Q – Which labs are sending results data to UHIN?

A – Below is the list of hospitals, clinics and other organizations currently sending COVID-19 lab results to UHIN. If your organization is not on the list, but would like to help our community by sending your COVID-19 data, please reach out to our team at

Independent hospitals, clinics and medical centers, including:

Beaver Valley Hospital

Blue Mountain Hospital

Central Valley Medical Center

Gunnison Valley Hospital

Kane County Hospital

Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County

Milford Valley Healthcare Services

Moab Regional Hospital 

St. Mark’s Family Medicine

Uinta Basin Medical Center

Intermountain Healthcare hospitals, clinics and medical centers, including:

Alta View Hospital

American Fork Hospital

Bear River Valley Hospital

Cassia Regional Hospital

Cedar City Hospital

Delta Community Hospital

Dixie Regional Medical Center

Fillmore Community Hospital

Garfield Memorial Hospital

Heber Valley Hospital

Intermountain Medical Center

Layton Hospital

LDS Hospital

Logan Regional Hospital

McKay-Dee Hospital

Orem Community Hospital

Park City Hospital

Primary Children’s Hospital

Riverton Hospital

Sanpete Valley Hospital

Sevier Valley Hospital

Utah Valley Hospital

HCA Healthcare hospitals, clinics and medical centers, including:

Brigham City Community Hospital

Cache Valley Hospital

Lakeview Hospital

Lone Peak Hospital

Mountain View Hospital

Ogden Regional Medical Center

St. Mark’s Hospital

Timpanogos Regional Hospital

Revere Health Clinics (includes all clinics)

Steward Healthcare hospitals and medical centers, including:

Davis Hospital and Medical Center

Jordan Valley Medical Center

Jordan Valley Medical Center West

Mountain Point Medical Center

Salt Lake Regional Medical Center

University of Utah hospitals and clinics, including:

Huntsman Cancer Institute

University of Utah Hospital

University of Utah In-Car Testing Sites

Includes all clinics 

Click below to download a PDF of the FAQs: