All Intermountain Healthcare Facilities Now Sending ADT Alerts

UHIN is excited to announce that all Intermountain Healthcare facilities are now sending ADT notifications to participating providers. The ADTs alert providers when a patient has been admitted, discharged or transferred at any of the 22 Intermountain hospitals and more than 180 clinics. This information provides invaluable information to foster better care coordination, improved outcomes, and reduced costs.

Currently, the Intermountain facilities are identified by a numbered code. UHIN is working closely with Intermountain to provide the actual facility name. In the meantime, if you need help in identifying the facility at which your patient sought treatment, please contact UHIN customer service at 877-693-3071 or

UHIN sends more than 2,000 ADT notifications every day from all four major Utah hospital systems, most independent hospitals, many long-term care facilities and five other western states.