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A bigger, better, all-day HIT event

This year’s annual HIT (health information technology) event is bigger and better than ever before. We’re bringing together 400+ decision makers, policy makers, technology leaders and other minds from our healthcare community to tackle an aspect of our health story that has been largely invisible: social determinants of health (SDoH).

Our Mission

Bringing healthcare leaders, policy makers and decision makers together to take charge of the social factors that determine our individual health.

Who should attend?

The Annual HIT Conference is geared towards senior leadership and decision makers across the healthcare industry. Executive leadership, c-suite, directors and more from payer, health system, clinic, specialty, and hospital organizations, as well as policy makers and government decision makers should attend. We are also offering discounted and complimentary tickets to senior leadership from charitable and non-profit organizations – to see if you qualify please contact our Event Coordinator, Spencer Healey at shealey@uhin.org

Conference Agenda

Social Determinants of Health

The focus of this year’s conference is on social determinants of health. As a community, we often think about healthcare as the medical interactions between an individual and a healthcare professional. In reality, there are so many more factors that heavily affect our individual health. At HIT 2019, we want to push the discussion towards the importance of these social factors and how we in the healthcare industry need to be aware of and need to address them.  

The HIT Conference is an annual event that unifies healthcare professionals in education and discussion on critical issues in health information technology.

UHIN started the HIT conference simply as a small, non-profit event with a goal to bring the discussion on health information technology forward in the industry. HIT has rapidly grown to something much bigger and more impactful, becoming an event in which we are truly proud to invite other organizations to participate.

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