As both a giver and receiver of grants, we recognize the importance of these concerted efforts to move important work forward.

UHIN has given 30+ grants in the healthcare community.

Current Initiatives

Pediatric Patient Summary

We are working with the University of Utah and Intermountain Healthcare to more effectively share medical records for chronically sick children so that the appropriate care teams are kept informed.

Newborn Screening Grant

In partnership with the Utah Department of Health State Lab and Intermountain Healthcare, we are working to ensure the results of newborn screenings are digitized and available promptly to those who need it.

Controlled Substance Database

As part of an effort to address the current crisis around opioid addiction, we are facilitating the exchange of information about the current and historical pharmaceutical dispensation of controlled substances.

Falls Risk Grant

In collaboration with the Utah Falls Prevention Alliance and the Bureau of Emergency Medical Services and Preparedness, UHIN is creating a software to notify physicians when their patients are at-risk for damaging falls.

Care Plan Exchange Hub

As part of the Falls Risk Grant, and thanks to the generosity of the State Legislature, we are developing a tool that enables home health care providers and primary care physicians to coordinate digitally on care plans.

Data Quality Assessment

UHIN and the Utah Department of Health are collaborating to determine the effectiveness of Health Information Exchange (HIE) data in efforts to monitor chronic disease.

Notable Past Accomplishments

ONC Interoperability Grant

From 2015-2017, UHIN worked on a $2.7 million grant to connect disparate parts of the community – rural providers, EMS responders, Poison Control, LTPAC, and others – so that vital information could flow to those who needed to know. These grant funds flowed to many community institutions and were instrumental in progress to exchange information.

Utah State Innovation Model Grant

From 2015-2016, UHIN worked on a planning grant to determine feasibility and requirements for a statewide, electronic provider directory. The resulting report, which was a collaboration between UHIN and many other community members, has been part of the Digital Health Services Commission’s deliberation and strategic planning.