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2022 HIT Conference

UHIN is excited to announce that 2022 HIT Conference will be back in person at the Salt Lake Marriott Downtown and we look forward to seeing you all! The 2022 HIT Conference is a UHIN-hosted event to bring together the healthcare industry to collaborate, innovate, and learn. We are bringing together UHIN’s annual HIT and PES events for a one day conference with a unique focus on audiences from payers, providers, billers, and beyond!

This year’s event will focus on the state of patient data sharing and architecture and how that affects care delivery and outcomes. Every patient deserves a full, dynamic portrait of their care story. We believe in our power to create a more vibrant and complete picture together.

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2021 Provider Education Summit

The 2021 Provider Education Summit was held August 19-26, 2021. Thank you to all who attended, participated and sponsored. You can still access the event page here.


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