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UHIN has over 20 years of experience creating electronic data exchange solutions that work for providers of all sizes, from single-practitioner offices to integrated health systems. We bring our members cutting-edge technology and personalized service to help you thrive as the healthcare landscape changes.

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UTRANSEND Clearinghouse Services

UTRANSEND, UHIN’s clearinghouse, is a comprehensive electronic solution for all aspects of the billing process, from creating your claims to getting your remittance advice.

  • Reach over 4,000 payers nationwide.
  • Exchange all HIPAA transactions, including claims, eligibility, claim status, and remittance advice.
  • Automatic edits catch common errors so more claims are accepted the first time.
  • Take control of your billing process by identifying and correcting error sources:
    • Detailed denial and rejection reports for individual claims
    • Long-term tracking of acceptance and rejection rates
    • Identify the top 10 most frequent errors for your account.
  • Save time and money with electronic eligibility
Clinical Health Information Exchange (cHIE)

The cHIE is a secure electronic network that empowers healthcare professionals to communicate faster, safer, and more clearly about important medical information. It brings peace of mind to both providers and patients by helping ensure that providers have the information they need, when they need it.

Clinical Portal

Scattered information wastes provider and staff time, causes unnecessary duplicate tests and procedures, and may contribute to medical errors.

Patients can see multiple providers and may not recall important details of their medical history. Records are often stored at different healthcare organizations and frequently are not shared. This is where the Clinical Portal helps.

Healthcare professionals can use the cHIE Clinical Portal to quickly and securely locate their patients’ information from other sites of care. More complete information leads to better coordination across care teams, improved care quality, and less time and expense associated with record searches. The Clinical Portal includes records from over 400 clinics and more than 80 hospitals in Utah and neighboring states, three major labs, and Utah Medicaid’s medication history.

The Clinical Portal organizes information into easily-searchable categories. Records available include problems, allergies, medications, test results, procedures, and discharge summaries.

cHIE Alerts

The cHIE Alerts system sends you secure notifications when your patients are admitted to, or discharged from, a hospital or emergency department, so you can offer prompt post-acute care. When your patients have been hospitalized, they need timely follow-up care to lessen their risk of readmission or complications.  cHIE Alerts supports you in offering transitional care management services, which may lead to higher reimbursements from Medicare and some commercial payers.

You can receive cHIE Alerts in real time or choose custom delivery times. Alerts are delivered via cHIE Direct secure email, SFTP, or through HL7 messages pulled into your EHR.

cHIE Direct

cHIE Direct is an encrypted email system supporting large files in multiple formats. cHIE Direct is based on nationally-accepted standards, and can send up to 40 MB of files per message in formats including Word document, PDF, JPEG, and TIF. cHIE Direct accelerates the reimbursement cycle by allowing providers and payers to exchange claim attachment requests and documentation within a single system. It also enables long-term care facilities to quickly submit prior authorization requests when admitting Medicaid beneficiaries.

CareAchieve Data Warehouse and Analytics

CareAchieve, UHIN’s analytics tool, makes personalized medicine possible for care settings of all sizes. CareAchieve allows healthcare professionals to create customized dashboards and graphs of patient cohorts. These tools identify at-risk patients to allow proactive intervention, track the prevalence and severity of a health condition among each cohort, and highlight patterns in a condition’s development within a particular demographic group.


UHIN handles electronic transactions for dentists, including claims (837), remittance advice (835), eligibility inquiries and responses (270/271), and claim status inquiries and responses (276/277).

UHIN realizes that dentists have specific needs from electronic billing, so we convene a community work group that focuses on making the electronic billing process easier for dentists. The UHIN Dental Work Group monitors the national electronic billing standards to educate our community and advocate for dentists’ needs.

HIPAA Onset Security Program

UHIN believes that security should be a high priority for everyone involved in healthcare. All healthcare professionals share a responsibility to protect the electronic systems that make modern care possible. That’s why HIPAA Onset is included in your cHIE or clearinghouse membership at no additional cost.

HIPAA Onset was designed to help you identify and correct problems that could put your patient data at risk. It can help you whether you have full in-house technical support, limited technical resources, or something in between.

HIPAA Onset includes:

A Breach Protection Checklist Best practices for keeping your information safe.
A Self Assessed Risk Analysis Helps you determine how well you’re meeting HIPAA requirements and allows you to identify vulnerabilities in your current patient information management.
Three Vulnerability Scans Identify security weaknesses in one of your organization’s IP addresses. IPs identify your computer to other computers on a network or the Internet, and make it possible for outside data to reach your computer.
Privacy and Security Consulting Interactive, one-on-one consulting with a HIPAA expert.
Training Seminars Instill HIPAA compliance as second nature to all your employees.
A Monthly e-Newsletter Keep up to date on security-related news and helpful tips.
Discounts for UHIN Members Access to additional HIPAA privacy and security products at reduced cost.

Will HIPAA Onset make our organization HIPAA-compliant?

HIPAA Onset is a great starting place on the path to HIPAA compliance, but achieving full compliance will require additional steps. UHIN members have access to additional products and services that can help you achieve full compliance.

How do I get started with HIPAA Onset?

Contact UHIN’s Customer Service at 877-693-3071 or

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