What is the CHIE?
Where does the information come from?

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The Clinical Health Information Exchange (CHIE) is the state-designated HIE for all of Utah. We also exchange data with surrounding areas and on a national scale.

As a patient in Utah, it’s important that your medical records are shared safely and securely with any of your healthcare providers, even when those doctors and specialists are part of separate healthcare organizations.


Who is part of the CHIE?

Doctors, hospitals, clinics, skilled nursing facilities, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), the Utah Department of Health, and many more organizations in the state have joined The CHIE!


What data is in the CHIE?

The more your healthcare providers know about your medical history, the better they can treat you. Your medical history includes:

· Medications
· Allergies
· Chronic Conditions
· Labs and other test results
· Immunizations
· Family History
· Visit History
· And More!  

The CHIE is Secure

UHIN and all of the participating organizations take careful steps to protect your information.



All healthcare professionals who participate have their credentials verified


All user logins are protected by two-factor authentication


UHIN encrypts all information to federal standards


Your information is accessible only as allowed by law


Only authorized healthcare professionals who have a medical relationship with you may
access your medical information


You can request a report of access to your CHIE records from your healthcare professional

Improper Access

If you ever suspect that someone has improperly accessed your medical information on the CHIE, please contact your healthcare professional, contact UHIN at 877.693.3071, or file a complaint with the Federal Office for Civil Rights or the Utah Office of the Attorney General at

Changing CHIE Participation

If you do not want to participate in the CHIE, meaning that your healthcare professionals will not be able to access or share your medical information through the CHIE, please print and complete the Patient Participation Form

Nevada patients please use the HealtHIE Nevada form

 Give the completed form to your healthcare professional and they will give it to UHIN to be processed.            

Information for Veterans

The Department of Veterans Affairs encourages all vets to “Connect Your Docs” through the VA’s Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record (VLER) Health Information Exchange program. Through this program, you can give both VA healthcare professionals and your community healthcare professionals secure access to certain parts of your electronic health record.

When your healthcare professionals can access your records electronically, you don’t have to worry about remembering everything that happened at your last doctor’s visit, or carrying paper records from one doctor to another.

Please visit the VA’s VLER Health information page to learn how to begin sharing your VA health information with your CHIE-participating community healthcare professionals.