MYUHIN is a simple way to bill.

Our billing software is built so that anyone can successfully submit a claim, no matter how much billing experience you have.

MYUHIN for EMI Providers

MYUHIN uses a straightforward, clean interface for submitting & tracking claims, uploading/downloading documents, checking eligibility, and more.

For quick payment processing and revenue cycle management, MYUHIN is here to help.

We offer a direct connection to payers anywhere in the US, and you’ll have the flexibility to bill from any computer anywhere, thanks to our secure web-based application.

MYUHIN is HIPAA compliant.

With MYUHIN, you have access to:

  • Institutional and Professional claims processing
  • Multiple user support
  • Hand-entry claim submission
  • Bulk file upload from your PM
  • Claim status tracking
  • Unlimited edits at no additional cost
  • Direct submission to Utah Payers
  • And more!

Complete your billing tasks in a clean, simple interface.

Claim Submission

Create and send professional and institutional claims from any computer.


Submit requests to enroll for electronic transactions with any UHIN payer.

Remittance Viewer

Search, view, and download payment information.


Check coverage and benefits for patients in real time.

User Management

Account Admins can create users and assign customized permissions.

Bulk File Transfer

Upload and download X12 transactions through the web or via a desktop app.

Transaction Management

Check on the progress of your claims and troubleshoot rejections.

Support Ticket Submission

Reach out for support any time you need it; your request automatically creates a ticket.

You don’t need to be a billing technology expert to use MYUHIN.

MYUHIN is the straightforward software that helps you manage your organization. Our team has built MYUHIN to be intuitive and clear, saving you time, hassle, AND money.

MYUHIN connects directly with Payers across Utah as well as nationally.

MYUHIN Pricing