Health Choice Utah Chooses UHIN for Claims Management

Big news: the UHIN family is growing! 

Health Choice Utah (HCU) just selected us to manage their claims, remittances, and eligibility transactions. HCU provides health care insurance to Utahans, including a statewide Medicaid plans and a Medicare Special Needs Plan.

The important pieces of claims management, in a unique way

UHIN will onboard HCU through a three-phased process tailored for their unique implementation, and designed to ensure real-time claims transactions, eligibility, and status requests and responses.

The connections and expertise HCU needs

In addition to managing their claims, HCU turned to us for access to our well-qualified and responsive support team, expansive network of connections, data exchange expertise in Utah and nationally, and community approach to healthcare. 

“HCU engages with patients, providers, and the community at large using a personalized and highly visible approach, and UHIN has been an integral part of the Utah healthcare community for nearly three decades,” said John Larsen, COO of Health Choice Utah. “It’s a perfect match for HCU to partner with UHIN and their strong track record of exchanging patient data and transactions.”

UHIN fully actualizes patient-oriented data interoperability, improves efficiencies, and enables transparent sharing between health plans and providers with a full suite of proprietary technology products and services across the healthcare spectrum. 

“This partnership is part of our community approach to healthcare centered around providing the most vital data and claims solutions without all of the frills, high costs and complexities,” said Brian Chin, CEO of UHIN. “HCU is focused on taking care of the patients in our communities and UHIN is excited to support them.”

Since 2007, our Clinical Health Information Exchange (CHIE) has been the state designated HIE for all of Utah. For the past 28 years, we’ve provided all-inclusive EDI solutions that connect providers, payers, billers, Medicare, and Medicaid agencies across the country. Healthcare providers have used MYUHIN’s web-based tools and clean, user-friendly interface to simplify their most complex billing tasks for years. With our suite of products and services, providers get paid faster, health plans get solutions, and patients and members get care.

UHIN supports HCU -> HCU supports physicians and hospitals.

HCU will assist and offer guidance to physicians and hospitals for the purpose of building partnerships in the form of Accountable Care Organizations (ACO), patient-centered medical homes and other entities that will maximize quality and reward performance. By working with us, HCU will further enhance their ability to provide premier service to physicians and hospitals, and ultimately strive to improve the lives of its members.

HCU joins a growing list of health plans that have trusted us to accurately manage their claims for decades, including University of Utah Health Plans, Regence, SelectHealth, PEHP Health & Benefits, and Valley Health Plan based in California. 

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