Community Experts

UHIN has a long history of bringing experts in many fields together to share their knowledge. Check out our recorded webinars on a variety of healthcare topics!

  • UHIN Annual Forum 2020
    The UHIN Annual Forum is a virtual, half-day event to discuss pressing issues regarding patient data access, interoperability, and the future of healthcare in Utah.
  • RNs in Primary Care
    This session is focused on encounters within primary care that may be led by an RN, including: the Annual Wellness Visit, Transitional Care Management, Chronic Care Management, End of Life and SBIRT. Additionally, we will explore other encounter types that may be led by a team of RNs in primary care.
  • Soft Skills are the new Hard Skills, and Here’s Why
    We’ve minimized soft skills for decades. Compelling research shows we’ve been wrong all along. Yes, skills and experience remain important. However, the lack of characteristics of trust, mutual respect, and integrity can quite literally destroy an otherwise skilled and experienced team. The data prove out. Come learn why and what you can do about it.
  • The Weakest Link: Identifying and Vanquishing Compliance Risks
    The precipitous rise of cyber attacks, new privacy regulations, stricter enforcement, and private litigation are changing the compliance landscape right beneath our feet. At the same time, some of the best ways to keep your practice compliant are simple, inexpensive and straightforward. Together we will explore today’s threats to your practice and the uncomplicated, totally reasonable steps you can take to address them.
  • Medicaid Expansion in Utah
    This presentation by RyLee Curtis and Michael Hales walks attendees through the recent implementation of Medicaid expansion in Utah. They will cover eligibility, approved waivers, and pending waivers that will shape the future of Medicaid in Utah.
  • PES Virtual Payer Panel 2020
    The payer panel is always a highlight of the PES events and features experts from more than a dozen payers. In 2020, we hosted the panel as an interactive live webinar with a Q&A format.
  • Medicare B 2020 Updates
    This Medicare Part B presentation encompasses 2020 updates, other important topics and valuable resources to assist your practice with successful Medicare billing.
  • Digital Marketing & Patient Payments
    Marketing is all about establishing visibility, interest, preference and trust. The Digital Marketing landscape is changing in ways that can influence the relationship you have with your patients, and their care givers. There are a few tools that you can use to increase transparency and trust in order to reduce confusion, increase trust and ultimately improve collections from patients.
  • Advances in Billing Practices for Applied Behavior Analysis/ABA Services
    This session is focused on encounters within primary care that may be led by an RN, including: the Annual Wellness Visit, Transitional Care Management, Chronic Care Management, End of Life and SBIRT. Additionally, we will explore other encounter types that may be led by a team of RNs in primary care.
  • Using Purpose as the Foundation for a Successful Workplace
    Your own purpose in life defines you personally. It also plays a vital role in the success of your office. In this session, we will discuss purpose, examine its connection to work, and gain the skills to make it the foundation for a successful workplace.
  • Making HIPAA Second Nature Webinar
    “HIPAA compliance” is more than taking a training once a year. To truly protect patients, everyone in the organization should feel like good privacy and security practices are second-nature.
  • Medical Providers Working with Oral Physicians
    Medical providers need to know how diagnostics in dentistry apply to the medical practice. This webinar will review how this collaboration works and what dental procedures are actually required to be billed first to medical.
  • The Gold Standard… of Standards
    Did you know that there are people and groups working behind the scenes to increase efficiency and decrease costs… through Standards? On a local and national level, communities work together to achieve consistency in healthcare transactions. This predictability can then translate into more efficient and cost-effective workflows.
  • Decrease the Drama to Increase the Income
    Office drama may be inevitable, but its negative impact on your practice doesn’t have to be. Join Christopher Katis, UHIN’s Director of Corporate Communications, to gain a better understanding of how to diffuse drama between coworkers to increase productivity and your practice’s income.
  • The Blockchain Impact
    Blockchain is an up-and-coming technology with the potential to revolutionize multiple industries. Join Blake Ropelato and Blaine Ehrhart for this webinar as they explain what blockchain is and how it works, as well as its current and potential uses in the industry.
  • HIPAA, Privacy, and Security
    Could your practice survive a breach? Do you feel confident in your office’s ability to prevent breaches? View this session with Sara Vandermolen (UHIN’s Corporate Trainer) to learn some of the most common HIPAA, Privacy, or Security mistakes made by medical offices, tips for training your office staff, and suggestions to increase compliance.
  • Predictive Analytics – The Future is Now
    Predictive analytics are the key to unlocking patients’ healthcare needs. Join Dr. Matt Hoffman, UHIN’s Chief Medical Informatics Officer (CMIO), for a guided tour of this exciting advancement in patient care as he outlines how predictive algorithms are built, the role LACE scores play in predicting hospital readmissions, the future of intelligent alerts, the data that makes it all possible, and much more!
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Dealing with Difficult Clients
    Dealing with difficult clients can be frustrating. In this session with Christopher Katis, UHIN’s Director of Corporate Communications, you’ll learn to identify various characteristics of difficult clients, and gain insights into how to appropriately deal with those clients in a successful manner.
  • Care Coordination
    “Care coordination”, as a concept, is on fire across the health, public health, and behavioral health sectors. It is a current requirement in several federal public health grants for children. Why all the buzz? What does care coordination even mean? Join us for an interactive session to explore how care coordination can guide families through the maze of public services and help them maintain their sanity.
  • How to Survive Industry Trends
    In today’s changing environment, “business as usual” is no longer a viable strategy. The healthcare industry is changing. Learn from Sara Vandermolen, UHIN’s Corporate Trainer, about healthcare trends, the expectations your office will need to meet, and specific tips to keep your office ahead of the curve.

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