Our Mission

Positively impact healthcare through reduced costs, improved quality, and better results driven by innovative healthcare technology solutions.

Our Story

Back in 1993, no one could have predicted that a small, nonprofit, standards-based clearinghouse would eventually serve almost all of the providers in Utah, as well as providers in other states stretching from coast to coast. Back then, the idea of becoming an HIE wasn’t even on the horizon. Those early UHIN team members could never have dreamed that the organization would evolve to become the state-designated health information exchange with millions of patients in the MPI, tens of millions of records in the CHIE, and connections to other western state.

But UHIN’s team has always dared to dream big. We’ve always seen the possibilities – the possibility in the technology, the possibility in the data, the possibility in each other. It’s that vision, that constant burning to ask, “what if we…” that has made UHIN the place it is today. And the place it will become.

As our future unfolds, there will be challenges. But together we will weather every storm. Together we will continue to fulfill UHIN’s mission to positively impact healthcare through reduced costs, improved quality, and better results. To accomplish this, we will develop new products, create new services and enter new markets.

In the years to come, we will continue to grow and to evolve. We will maintain our position as a community convener for all stakeholders. We will always dream big, and drive affordable healthcare IT solutions forward.

The story of UHIN is one of future accomplishments built on a history of success. It always has been, and always will be, realized through one simple truth: we are UHIN.

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Who we work for

We work for healthcare providers, payers, ACOs, billing services, the Utah state government and other healthcare partners who need reduced data transmission costs, better access to their data, and the tools/expertise to use their data effectively.

What we do

We securely harness healthcare data and create innovative software solutions for the healthcare community.

How we do it

We know data. We are experts in both clinical and claims data.
We offer a full-service clearinghouse.
We operate the CHIE.
We provide analytics and business intelligence solutions.
We actively participate in standards development.
We share our knowledge with the healthcare community.
We bring healthcare education events directly to the community.
We operate as a non-profit.