About Us

Your healthcare information technology partner

UHIN positively impacts healthcare through reduced costs, improved quality, and better results by fostering data-driven decisions. A nonprofit founded in 1993, we offer affordable tools that allow providers, payers, and patients to safely exchange clinical information, claims and reports electronically.

UHIN is dedicated to furthering the use of health information technology to improve the health of our community. - Teresa Rivera, President & CEO

As a full-service clearinghouse, we exchange all HIPAA transactions, including claims, remittance advice, acknowledgement reports, detailed claim status reports, eligibility, and enrollment requests. We also operate the Clinical Health Information Exchange (cHIE), allowing doctors and patients to work together for safer, better-coordinated care by making crucial information available to doctors at the point of care.

UHIN is a Standards Development Organization actively participating with national electronic transaction committees. We share the knowledge we gain throughout the healthcare community through events and education sessions.

We have also joined forces with our HIE colleagues in Arizona and western Colorado to form a Patient-Centered Data Home. This PCDH enables providers using any one of the three HIEs to receive electronic notifications and patient summaries when their patients have an encounter across state lines at a hospital in one of the other HIEs’ network.