The File Tool: Easy-to-use file uploads and downloads

The File Tool: Easy-to-use file uploads and downloads

According to the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC), Medicare receives approximately 500 million paper claims every year. That’s a lot of paper.  It’s also a lot of unnecessary cost – especially when you consider the AAPC’s assertion that on average each claim costs a practice $6.63.

The American Medical Association (AMA) puts the situation in a more tangible light. The group suggests that the typical physician seeing 25 patients each day spends a whopping $70,000 on paper claims each year. Whereas your practice likely isn’t losing that kind of money, there are still some simple steps to minimize your paper volume and realize potential savings.

Take for instance UHIN’s File Tool, which is available in a web version or a desktop version. The File Tool is an easy-to-use method to help your office send electronic claims to payers. The web version doesn’t require a tech team to set up SFTP or other connections, there is no need for “mapping” from your EHR or practice management system, and integration with other software systems isn’t necessary. It’s a simple drag and drop solution.

This means that when you receive an X12 claim from your EHR or practice management system, you just download it, drag it to the UHIN File Tool, drop it in, and it will upload to UHIN’s system automatically. From there, it’s sent to your designated payer as an electronic claim

With the desk top version, some easy-for-anyone “mapping” will get you started. Four simple steps are required:

  1. Go into the desktop app
  2. Click on “setting”
  3. Click on “browse” in upload
  4. Select the folder you want your data always to come from

That’s it. And best of all, it’s “set and forget” – every time a claim is put into the folder you selected in the “mapping,” it will automatically be uploaded. There are no additional steps for you to go from paper to sending electronic claims.

Whether it’s the web or desk top version, UHIN’s File Tool is an easy way to save you time and money.

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